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Our goal is to create a customer experience unlike any other. With our Signature Sound your customers feel welcome, browse comfortably, and make instinct purchases at your establishment.

StudioStream allows you to create a unique spending environment for your customers. With the power to control the genre and pace of your radio station comes the ability to create the best environment for sales at any part of the day. And with our perfectly-timed Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) announcements mixed in with the music, you really do get the greatest return on investment for your money.



Your Station

We realize you are a unique company. The way you do business is different from anyone else. At StudioStream, we look forward to the challenge of creating a sound and image that you can call your own - one that fits you and your customers. Your own company radio station. Your own Signature Sound. One that not only fits your image, but amplifies your brand. The advantages are limited only by your imagination, but the bottom line is this - no one will take away how your customers felt when they were in your store.



There is no better time to directly influence your customers than when they are in your location, wanting to buy. Sometimes though, you need a wingman to address the sale. That's where we come in. Our Signature Sound includes Point of Purchase announcements for your customers while they are listening to your music. With our live programming, you can go the next level by having DJs promote and interact with your customers...just like having your own radio station. And when 41% of customers have made unplanned purchases because they heard a retail audio commercial, this becomes a very powerful concept



In-store music has a definite effect on employees. Play a predictable loop and morale will eventually suffer. At StudioStream, our music is never predictable because we create fresh, new playlists daily. The better the mix of music, the higher your employee morale. We'll keep your employees refreshed day-to-day, which in turn may extend employee retention and reduce training costs.