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What We Do


StudioStream creates a branded music and marketing strategy, custom programmed with our Signature Sound, and delivers it to your locations nationwide.

In today's aggressive market, we ensure our clients stand out from their competitors. We provide an environment for retail success, increase employee morale, and produce a sound that amplifies your brand.


The Difference

What sets us apart from every other media provider? Our history.

StudioStream began as a foreground music provider for bowling centers across the United States. Foreground music was one of the reasons customers were at the centers. Through this experience we learned several key principles on how to eliminate a customer's negative opinions of an establishment in order to subtly establish customer loyalty.

Now that StudioStream has expanded into providing background media experiences as well, these same principles are applied to our client's programming, establishing brand loyalty for the long term.


"Specifically programmed music can play a role in the total shopping experience and can be an important tool in creating a memorable identity for specific retail brands."

- Michael Morrison
   The Power of Music and its Influence on International Retail Brands and Shopper Behaviour

Branded Music

Retail radio, custom-tailored to your brand.

When our clients play their own Signature Sound, their customers experience something unique. It's a mix of music (any genre) infused with just the right amount of professionally produced retail messaging. The Signature Sound concept brands a musical image and makes it uniquely theirs.